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TThe “Volare” was born from an incredible stroke of luck. The serendipitous meeting of Maestro Roger Bobo, who has passionately pursued his dream of developing the next generation tuba mouthpiece and leading members of the Japanese metal processing industry who have dedicated themselves to the highest standards of metallurgical precision and quality. As a result of this combination of artistry and uncompromising craftsmanship, the Volare allows the player to create a purity of tone across the entire register with remarkable consistency and dynamic control. Roger Bobo's “Volare” presents the world with a mouthpiece that helps performers achieve the expression that they desire.

For the last few years, it has been my greatest pleasure to participate in the development of a new line of mouthpieces that I call “Volare” .
It was the collaboration with Japan's tuba-loving veteran technicians and polished performers ? playing together, listening, and making modifications ? that allowed team to achieve these wonderful results.
Using the “Volare” mouthpiece won't guarantee that you will become a great tuba player, but it will definitely help you to become the best tuba player you can be.
Thanks,Roger Bobo

The Birth of the Volare

The Birth of the “Volare”
Ever since Maestro Roger Bobo moved to Japan, he has been developing a wide network of tuba-loving acquaintances. These turned out to be the perfect people to help him develop the next-generation mouthpiece that he had in mind. 
Under the exacting direction of the Maestro, who is constantly seeking better sound, metal workers with expertise in design, material selection and production joined the effort.
The “Volare” is not the work of a single company, but rather, is the result of a collaborative effort between multiple companies, each of which contributed its own excellent skills in design and manufacturing.
Refusing to compromise, they selected the finest materials, and, in the ultimate finishing touch, had experts check for sensitivity and quality by hand.  In addition, wind-tunnel experiments conducted by the aerodynamics laboratory at a national university greatly contributed to the basic design and the shape of the rim, edge, and shank.  
The first model developed was a mouthpiece for the F tuba, designed to reproduce the high tones that the Maestro is known for. Dozens of prototypes were created, each building on modifications made in design, materials, machining, polishing, and plating. 
One of the qualities that the team tested for was maximum control, even with the smallest aperture or 
jaw movement. This effort resulted in a smooth progression through the high, mid, and low ranges. It was almost hard to believe the sounds that came out of the F tuba in the lower ranges.
Many of the Maestro's students and excellent performers from overseas tested the mouthpieces for several months, providing feedback that helped to refine the prototype. 
Under the Maestro's guidance, new additions to the “Volare” series will be developed, 
and the design will continue to be improved and refined.

 Features of the “Volare”

The shape of the mouthpiece was determined with the help of the Okayama University Laboratory Engineering Department Laboratory.

Tests were performed over and over in an effort to create the performance and sound that the Maestro sought. 
The university laboratory measured airflow using entirely new configurations of the rim-edge, the shank-edge, and the cup in order to determine the best shape and design.  Aerodynamics tests were employed to investigate the relationship between blowing strength and sound volume.
The result was the “Volare's” uniquely shaped edge.  
In this way, the Maestro was able to achieve his goal of creating a mouthpiece that would be easy for beginners to control, but would still allow seasoned performers freedom of expression.

Speciallt-cut rim

The rim looks flat,but it was cut by a 3-step method eliminate the gap between the rim
and the lips. With this design &ball;there are fewer missed notes when pressing;  &ball;lips can be constantly stabilized; and  &ball;uneven tones can be eliminated.

New technology employed for the cup and the shank

This process eliminates resistance from breath in the cup for a much smoother sound, making it possible to:
&ball;achieve a rich range of high and low tones;
&ball;reduce resistance and increase stability; and
&ball;help the performer maintain stamina while performing.

Highest-quality brass used for the base material

Dozens of different types of brass were tested for sound, and finally, the highest grade of JIS-standard gunmetal was selected.  This gunmetal is particularly high in copper, and its luster is as beautiful as 18-karat gold.  It is easy to work, and is highly resistant to corrosion. The material is best for the rim, which requires an intricate processing technique, 
the shank, with its unique design, 
and the overall manufacturing process.  
Using this material, 
&ball;uneven sounds are eliminated, and 
&ball;stable sounds can be maintained.

Comments on the “Volare” here “Volare” product information, click here. *Payment is made by Credit Card only. Shipping Fare
Roger Bobo Roger Bobo's blog

For the past several months I have been receiving support from highly respected tuba artists for my new mouthpieces, and I was very impressed by their reception. Many of them are great players, who already have established their own ‘signature' mouthpieces in the market, and still continue their experiments to strive for further renovation. This is good, of course, as it shows how our instrument (the tuba) is evolving and always improving.

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Dear Roger,2013.06
All the very best to you on your wonderful round birthday!!!!
It was such a tremendous pleasure to see you last fall - and I am SO MUCH looking forward to seeing you in July (you'll just LOVE Bamberg food and beer XD)!!!!
I am sure you'll be adequately celebrated today by the most wonderful Japanese people, that we all love so much.
I have been using VOLARE in Solo, Tuba Quartet, Quintet, large brass ensemble, country band, and symphonic orchestra as well as in teaching.
It is fantastic, and I don't want to miss it anymore!!!!!

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Comments on the “Volare”The Maestro achieved his development goals.

During the development of the tuba mouthpiece “Volare” , many of the world' s best-known performers answered the Maestro' s call for assistance. 
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for all of the valuable opinions that we received. Regretfully, we are unable to disclose all of the performer' s names and their comments. However, the following is a representative sample of the comments we received.

Anne Jelle Visser

Philharmonia Zurich Solo Tubist
Zurich Academy of the Arts Professor
Roger Bobo's new “Volare” mouthpiece has brought me and my students the performance that we desire.  
Regardless of the situation, it always assures me comfort and a quality performance in which each sound is clear and crisp in expression.  
I strongly recommend the “Volare” mouthpiece to anyone who seeks a higher level of performance.

Heiko Triebener

bamberg Symphony Orchestra€First Tubist
It's as though this new “Volare” mouthpiece combines the best of both aspects of sound.
The sounds are warm and powerful, but also bright, clear and soaring.  I love this and I'm sure the listeners will feel the same way. 
Whether in a solo performance, or in a chamber or orchestra piece, this will offer the best possible performance. 
I was used to changing mouthpieces over and over, and I've even changed tubas more than 10 times.  
The “Volare” is the first mouthpiece in my long career that I will keep using.

Will Druiett

Linz (Austria)ITEC2012€Young Tuba Artist Grand Prix Award
The “Volare” became my new best friend, who began to sing with the sound that I have always wanted, with really clear sounds and just the right notes. 
I tried many mouthpieces in the past, but the “Volare” is the best one to use with my all F tubas.  It offers everything I am looking for: a strong sound that can be heard in an orchestra, precise, clear sound in a chamber performance, and just the right sound for my first solo recital, from Marcello to the Plow concerto.

Volare F is great! The mouthpieces allow today's tuba artist to perform a five to six octave range, from deepest low tones to top high tones without undue stress or errors in tone. The Volare F allows me tremendous control at low volume.It also gives every level of tuba player a greater level of control.

The Volare F's fast response is super and doesn't require any extra exertion. Switching to the Volare F was easy, and I used the mouthpiece in a concert only a few days after having received it.

I had a chance to test the Volare Cs and found that they share the same philosophy that is the foundation for the Volare F mouthpiece. Compared with my previous mouthpieces, the shape of the throat allows me to create a wider and more encompassing sound.  The Volare Cs also provided excellent total control and super faster response.

It is not easy to find such an excellent mouthpiece which has the three important abilities of Responsiveness, Resonance and Stability. I tested 3 of new Cs at Grand Gakki in Kobe, and was particularly impressed with the brilliant sound of the C-02 and C-03.


C Tuba Mouthpieces Due to the each performer's playing style and mouth fitting, Volare developed three C modeles to address all your sound needs. Please compare Rim Size, Cap Depth/Shape and Throat Diameter with your current favorite mouthpiece. Each Volare mouthpiece is manufactured to exacting specifications in order to provode the tuba player fast response, and tonal quality without undue exertion.


Tu-C-01-S ¥28,000

Tu-C-01-G ¥36,000


Tu-C-02-S ¥28,000

Tu-C-02-G ¥36,000


Tu-C-03-S ¥28,000

Tu-C-03-G ¥36,000

Tuba Mouthpiece
Silver tube F 28,000
Gold tube F 36,000