Dear Roger,
All the very best to you on your wonderful round birthday!!!!
It was such a tremendous pleasure to see you last fall - and I am SO MUCH looking forward to seeing you in July (you´ll just LOVE Bamberg food and beer XD)!!!!
I am sure you´ll be adequately celebrated today by the most wonderful Japanese people, that we all love so much.
I have been using VOLARE in Solo, Tuba Quartet, Quintet, large brass ensemble, country band, and symphonic orchestra as well as in teaching.
It is fantastic, and I don´t want to miss it anymore!!!!!
For the first time in my entire life I had the feeling of having a chance against the timpani in Rite of Spring XD
Here you can see it being used with the Berlin Philharmonic just
a few weeks ago:
concert highlights at (tubas from min 1´40´´)
I wish you a most happy and lucky year, and may every single day be the best of your life!!!
With warmest greetings, and the greatest respect, and endless thanks,
Your student and admirer


Roger Bobo's VOLARE

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